Activities to Get the Kids Away From Screens for the Half-Term Holidays

Playing Cards and a Jigsaw puzzle
Playing Cards, Photo Jigsaw

Like many a parent, you’re probably wondering how you can cut down on your child’s screen time during the half-term holidays. We’ve got you covered on this one! Read on for some fun, wholesome, and more importantly, quick and easy ideas for activities for kids that will encourage their sense of creativity and emotional well-being, as well as provide some quality family time.

Get them colouring in!

There’s a reason that even adults have got into colouring again! This is a simple and calming activity that will encourage children to concentrate on a single task for a prolonged period of time while improving their dexterity. Order large matt prints or posters of black and white images for them to colour in or read our blog post of Snapfish Printable ideas.

Black and white photos for colouring in
Photo Prints, Photo Poster

Let them create their own custom mug

Let your child choose their own design for a mug and order it with only the outlines printed so they can paint the mug with colours of their choice at home.

A child painting her custom personalised mug
Pink Coffee Mug

Play the Photo Memory Game

Looking to mix up family fun time with something truly special? Personalise an unforgettable matching pairs game with your favourite photos! Customise your picture memory game with family photos, pet portraits, and other special moments.

Photo Memory Game laid out
Photo Memory Game

Play with Photo Jigsaws

Make a puzzle with their favourite family photo. You could also go for a walk, get them to take some photos with your camera or phone and print the best one out as a unique jigsaw! (This idea also works for a photo of one of their drawings or paintings.) You can even add custom text and embellishments to your photo jigsaw!

A Photo jigsaw with a childs hand print
Photo Jigsaw

Have fun game time with Custom Playing Cards

This is another fun game night or rainy day activity for the whole family that the kids could help design! You can customise your own deck of playing cards with a single photo arrangement and add embellishments or custom text to really make it your own. We also have plenty of pre-made playing card designs for you to choose from.

Playing Cards on a table
Playing Cards

Need some more gift inspiration? Checkout our GiftFinder. Simply indicate your budget, how much time you have and how many photos you’d like to use and we’ll suggest the ideal gift for the whole family!

Mobile device with Giftfinder website on the screen

We can’t wait to see what you and your children create!

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