Cheer Up a Loved One For National Send a Card to a Friend Day

A pair of Greeting Cards on a wooden table
7×5″ Folded Card “Stay Strong”, 7×5″ Folded Card “Grateful For You”

Throughout the months, we often think about how our friends are doing. We miss them and think back on fun shared memories, or perhaps even flash back to something they said during a recent interaction that hinted at some kind of personal struggle. National Send a Card to a Friend Day on the 7th of February reminds us to send warmth, love and support to those we care about.

Now seems like as good a time as ever to share some joy and offer some encouragement to those who appear to need it (which, let’s be honest, is most of us!). Sending a message or inspiring quote on a card to our friends and loved ones only takes a few minutes but makes a world of difference to those on the receiving end. Read on for a peek at our favourite card designs – perfect for sending to friends at any time!

Do good while making a loved one feel great

We’ll donate 5p from every Folded Greeting Card you create and order on Snapfish to Macmillan Cancer Support at no extra cost to you*!

Missing You Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Missing You"
7×5″ Folded Card “Missing You”

Hello Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Hello"
7×5″ Folded Card “Hello”

Abstract Paint Miss You Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Abstract Paint Miss You"
7×5″ Folded Card “Abstract Paint Miss You”

Simple Photo Miss You Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Simple Photo Miss You"
7×5″ Folded Card “Simple Photo Miss You”

Hug Monster Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Hug Monster"
7×5″ Folded Card “Hug Monster”

Macmillan ‘Thinking of You’ Cards

Macmillan have designed a range of cards with different messages of support, from simple and poetic to funny and personalised, to represent several stages of the cancer journey. So, not only will your card lift the spirits of someone facing cancer, but you’ll also help us to ensure that no one faces cancer alone.

Grateful For You Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Grateful For You"
7×5″ Folded Card “Grateful For You”

Daisy Days Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Daisy Days"
7×5″ Folded Card “Daisy Days”

Good Luck Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Good Luck"
7×5″ Folded Card “Good Luck”

You’re Amazing Cards

7x5" Folded Card "You're amazing"
7×5″ Folded Card “You’re amazing”

Stay Strong Cards

7x5" Folded Card "Stay Strong"
7×5″ Folded Card “Stay Strong”

Browse all Macmillan Thinking of You Cards

Not sure what message to write in the card? We have provided some card sentiments and best wishes messages in the Snapfish Blog to help get you started.

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Snapfish + Macmillan are working in partnership to raise vital funds. For every greeting card or flat card set sold, Macmillan receive up to 15p.

We can’t wait to see which cards you customise to send out to your friends!

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