Customer Creations: Treasuring those family memories

If you are like me, at some point you will of had an old brown leather suitcase under the bed, full of old photos. I decided that it was a shame to leave the all of those photos under the bed, however I also didn’t want framed photos all over the house. I decided to create a photo book to treasure those family memories.

Snapfish produce fabulous photo books, I have used them in the past to create wonderful summer holiday photo books, and wondered if I could do the same with these old photos. I decided to scan them in (but you could also photograph them) and although this took a while, the results were far better than I had expected.


I uploaded them into the Snapfish Photo Book builder, and chose a suitable background. There were plenty of layouts (and even embellishments to choose from).


To go along with all the photos, I created a  Family Tree using some Photo Editing software, and uploaded it to the Photo Book. It helped to give some context to who all of these photos were of.

I am delighted with how the book has turned out. I gave a copy to my Grandmother on her 100th birthday and it was the best gift she could have received!



When designing the photo book, I was able to mix and match the colour and sepia/ black & white photos really well. As well as giving a copy to Grandma, I also have a copy on my coffee table – it is a great conversational piece.


I am now looking at what I can do with all my children’s school drawings and certificates.


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  1. Hello
    I love this idea. Before you changed the website I was using this background for my project about our old cottage. Unfortunately I did not had the chance to ordered my beautiful book , with changing your website my all projects disappeared . Now I have restarted my project again but can not find this background. Please, can you send information how to find this background on your new website?
    Kind Regards

    • Hello Joanna,
      It is a wonderful idea, and such a special way to share your family tree. Unfortunately this exact background design is not available on the new Snapfish. You can find a similar design if you click on backgrounds > family > family memories. I hope this helps 🙂

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