How To Take Great Couple’s & Pet Photos For Valentine’s Day

Birds eye view of photo gifts
60×50″ Plush Fleece Photo Blanket “Boundless Love”, 18×18″ Photo Cushion “Bold Love”,
11oz White Coffee Mug “Mod XO”, Round Stone Coaster

For many of us, Valentine’s Day can feel a bit… tiresome. There’s the pressure to get your partner an original and memorable Valentines gift, and the pressure to not disappoint them on what could be argued is the most important day of the year for couples.

But the 14th of February doesn’t have to make you tense or bored. Instead of piling on unnecessary expectations, why not focus instead on simply celebrating your unique romance with cute photos and even cuter gifts?

Get playful and read on for some fun couple’s selfie tips (and even some tips for snapping pics with your beloved pets!).

Couple’s selfie & photo gift ideas

Be spontaneous

When your background isn’t particularly interesting or picturesque, just bring the phone up close and strike a pose without overthinking it. Snap a whole reel so you have plenty to choose from for your social media posts. These candids would work especially well on our inside colour photo mugs (e.g. pink or red for V-Day). You could even surprise them by secretly printing a photo on a Magic Mug and serving them their favourite hot beverage in it for the big reveal on Valentine’s Day.

Selection of photo mugs on a table
Pint Glass “So In Love”, Travel Mug “Simple Joy Love”, Pink Coffee Mug

Time to reflect

For a cinematic twist on the couple’s selfie, take a photo of your reflection in a puddle, lake, or even on a cool metal sculpture. (Any glass, metal or smooth reflective surface will work for this type of selfie!) Turn that picture into a stunning canvas print and you’ve got an instant home decor update, as well as a unique Valentine’s Day present.

Canvas and a metal print displayed in a room
Premium Canvas Print “Elegant Stripe”, Metal Print “Hue of Love”

Food, food, food

The smiles and laughter will come easy when you take selfies of the two of you eating your favourite meals and snacks. Whether taken in a restaurant, cafe, in your kitchen or even just on your sofa, these are guaranteed to look sweet and dynamic. The more colourful the food is, the better! These photos will look fantastic as fridge magnets, coasters, keyrings and even photo prints. You could even customise your own calendar with a different foodie selfie for each month.

Selection of photo gifts on a table
Round Stone Coaster, Rectangle Metal Keyring, Large Heart Magnet

Selfie tips for pet parents

It’s all about the lighting

Face toward your light source to get the best quality image. Having your back to a light source will make your picture less sharp and darken you and your pet. If your home lacks a lot of natural light, get as close as you can to the nearest window. If shooting outdoors, try to head out on a cloudy day. For soft and flattering lighting, go for ‘golden hour’ which occurs twice a day, right after sunrise and before sunset. Make the most of that great pet photo by turning it into a framed or standard canvas print.

Canvas hung on a wall in a living room
Canvas print “Painted Frame”

Grab their attention

Use their favourite treats or toys to help guide your pet’s gaze toward the camera. You should also offer them praise, pats, pets, cuddles and treats as a reward so they’ll develop positive associations with having their photo taken! Once you’ve managed to take that fun selfie with your fur baby, customise an adorable mug, blanket and cushion of your pet so you can enjoy the moment for years to come.

Selection of photo gifts from a birds eye view
Plush Fleece Photo Blanket “Boundless Love”, Photo Cushion “Bold Love”,
11oz White Coffee Mug “Mod XO”

Create a heart-melting Valentine’s Day card to go with your gift. Check out our charming card designs here.

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Need more Valentine’s Day gift inspiration? Checkout our GiftFinder. Simply indicate your budget, how much time you have and how many photos you’d like to use and we’ll suggest the ideal gift for that special someone!

We can’t wait to see your couple’s and pet parent creations!

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