INSPIRATION: Play With Perspective to Pep up Your Photos

Are you looking for new ways to inject energy into your photography? Try taking a new perspective on familiar views or objects. All you need to do is change your position or tilt the camera at a quirky angle – no expensive new equipment is required! Get started with this handy guide to perspectives:

Straightforward snapping – take a direct view

When you take photos at eye-level, it’s called the ‘central perspective’. This is great for taking clear photos of landscapes or buildings, and portrait photos of people and animals.


Take the ‘bird’s eye’ view

Taking photos from an elevated position will make your subjects appear smaller. This can be a fun way to emphasise the height difference between adults and children. It’s also a popular way to take group photos as you’ll be able to capture more faces when you’re higher up.

girl on bed

Look up from a frog’s perspective

Try crouching and looking upwards through the lens. This will make your subjects appear bigger and taller, so it’s great for showing off impressive buildings or tall trees. For living subjects, this angle can make them appear more dominant – or even threatening – perfect for capturing the cat in a haughty mood, or showing off a scary fancy dress costume.

man and boy

Get involved in the action

Use perspective to take you into the heart of the action. For instance, photos of the kids playing will be much more exciting if you lie down in the middle of the fun and take your photos from the ‘frog’s perspective’ at ground level.


Create a collage of many perspectives

Make the most of a fascinating subject by experimenting with different perspectives. For example, a historic building will have many details that can be accentuated by playing with angles. Create a set of photographs that will look great displayed as individual framed prints or on a stunning collage canvas, poster, print or mug.


We hope you have fun adding a dynamic twist to your photos with these new perspectives.

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