Season’s Greetings: What to write in your 2022 Christmas cards

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You’ve chosen the ideal photo card design for this year’s Christmas cards. Now it’s time to properly sign your season’s greetings with just the right sentiment. If you need a little inspiration, we’ve compiled some warm winter wishes you can include with your cards.

So, light a scented candle, throw on a little mood music, and let’s get those cards signed, sealed and delivered!

General Christmas Card Messages

  • Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the best this festive season.
  • May this Christmas season bring you closer to all those that you love. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas and fantastic new year!
  • Christmas is here again! May your home be filled with laughter, love, peace…and plenty of presents. 
  • Best wishes for this festive season and a wonderful New Year.
  • Wishing you a joy-filled Christmas season. 
  • Happy Christmas! And best wishes for a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year. 
  • We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy making merry memories with your family. 
  • I hope your Christmas is fun, festive, and full of sparkle!
  • Health and happiness from my family to yours.
  • My best and warmest Christmas wishes to you and your loved ones. 
  • Wishing you a fun-filled Christmas season and best wishes for a Happy New Year! 
  • Merry Christmas and warm wishes for the new year ahead.
  • Cheers to a wonderful and festive season. Merry Christmas! 
  • I hope you Christmas is filled with plenty of laughter, love, and loads of presents!
  • Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.
  • May the spirit of the season fill your home with love and laughter. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  • May love and warmth come your way this festive season! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Funny Christmas Card Messages 

  • Christmas is full of magic. It makes my money magically disappear! Oh well, Happy Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas! I put so much thought into your present that it’s too late to get it.
  • There’s snowbody like you!
  • Christmas is a celebration of love and spirit. Let’s drink the spirits and feel the love. 
  • Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Repeat. Happy Christmas!
  • May your gifts be many, and your returns and exchanges be few. Merry Christmas!
  • It’s the most wine-derful time of the year. Merry Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, with all the best food, beer, and festive cheer! 
  • Season’s eatings and a happy new year!
  • Bah humbug! (Just kidding – Merry Christmas!)
  • Merry Christmas and all that other fun stuff.
  • Christmas is Claus for celebration!
  • Wishing you the gifts of the season — Peace, Joy, and Chardonnay.
  • A clear sign that you are getting older is how Santa looks younger each year. Happy Christmas!
  • Have your elf a merry little Christmas. 
  • Remember on Christmas day calories don’t count. Enjoy!
  • Don’t try to borrow any money from elves; they’re always a little short! Have a merry Christmas!
  • It’s all fun and games until Santa checks the naughty list! Happy Xmas. 
  • I hope your Christmas is filled with big smiles and big celebrations – but not big credit card bills. Have a great one! 
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Christmas Greetings For Family

  • Our family is so lucky to have you in it. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas!
  • Your support over the last year has meant the everything to me. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of family.
  • Wish we could visit each other this season, but I’ll be thinking of you. Have a happy Christmas. 
  • At this time of year, I’m especially grateful for family like you. Have a wonderful Christmas. 
  • You can’t pick your family, but if I could, I’d still choose you. Merry Christmas! 
  • Merry Christmas! We’re looking forward to a new year of joyful memories to create together.
  • Nothing is more important than family at Christmas. All my love and warmest wishes this Christmas season. 
  • I couldn’t ask for a better family, thank you for being there. I wish you the best Christmas and prosperous New Year!
  • I’m so thankful to be spending another Christmas with my family. You all mean the world to me. 
  • Christmas without you wouldn’t be the same, you are simply the best. Merry Xmas.
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Christmas Wishes For Friends

  • I’m eternally grateful to have a friend like you at Christmas and all year long.
  • Wishing one of my best friends a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!
  • Sending you warm wishes, comfort, joy, and hope to you and your family this Christmas season. 
  • It’s friends like you that make this season so special. Have a happy Christmas!
  • Feeling grateful this Christmas that I have an awesome friend like you.
  • This Christmas, I hope you make some wonderful memories that you’ll treasure forever. Have a great one!
  • May this Christmas bring you joy + happiness and your New Year be merry + bright. Thanks for being such a great friend!
  • Hooray, it’s Christmas! I hope you have a great one, and I can’t wait to celebrate the New Year with you!
  • May the spirit of the season fill your home with joy and your heart with love. And may the New Year be full of fun and adventure. 
  • I hope you’re able to take a break and enjoy time with your loved ones! Have a great Christmas, you deserve it! 
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Romantic Christmas Messages

  • Sending you my love-filled Christmas wishes! Merry Christmas!
  • Christmas is more special with you in my life and I look forward to many more with you. 
  • You are the most wonderful part of the most wonderful time of the year.
  • All I want for Christmas is you. However, if you’ve already gotten me a present, I won’t turn it down.
  • Every day feels like Christmas when I’m with you.
  • Merry Kiss-mas. Meet me under the mistletoe!
  • I’m pine-ing for you. Merry Christmas! 
  • You are the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for. Thank you for making my Christmas wishes come true!
  • This Christmas, I want you to know that I love you from the bottom of my heart!
  • I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend Christmas with than you. Merry Christmas. 
Xmas card wishes to colleagues and the boss

Christmas Card Wishes To Employees

  • Merry Christmas and all the best to you for the New Year. 
  • Thank you for all the hard work you do. Merry Christmas!
  • At this special time of year, we want to take a moment to thank you for your dedication to our company. Merry Christmas!
  • Warmest greetings this Christmas season and best wishes for the New Year. 
  • At this festive time of year, I want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Merry Christmas!
  • You have worked hard this past year, enjoy your well-deserved break. Have a wonderful Christmas. 
  • Thank you for being such a valuable member of the team. Wishing you all the best for this festive season. 

Christmas Greetings To Colleagues + Co-workers

  • Thanks for all you do to make our office a fun place to be all year round. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
  • You’re more than just a colleague, you’re a friend. Happy Christmas!
  • Christmas is just another day to say working with you has always been so wonderful. Merry Christmas!
  • It’s a pleasure to work with you and a joy to wish you a merry Christmas!
  • Warmest wishes to you and your family. 
  • Wishing you some well-earned relaxation time over the Christmas break. You deserve it!
  • It’s great working with you, you are a true team player. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes To Your Boss 

  • Hope you have a lovely, stress-free Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. If anyone deserves it, you do.
  • Thank you for a fantastic year. Your leadership has been truly inspiring. Merry Christmas. 
  • Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful festive season. I’m beyond lucky to have a boss like you. Merry Christmas! 
  • Here’s one more thing to add to your calendar — have a fantastic Christmas!
  • Merry Christmas from all of us! Here’s to our continued success in the new year. 
  • Warmest wishes to you and your family this season. 
  • Thanks for your great leadership and guidance this past year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year. 

Religious Christmas Messages 

  • May the peace and blessings of Christmas be yours; And may the new year be filled with happiness.
  • All is calm, all is bright.
  • Sending you tidings of comfort and joy. 
  • Let the peace and joy of Christmas be with you today and throughout the New Year.
  • May joy be your gift at Christmas, and may faith, hope, and love be your treasures in the New Year.
  • May God bless you and let this Christmas season bring comfort and happiness to you and your loved ones. 
  • Hold this time close to your heart and feel the warmth of the God’s love this season!
  • May all your Christmas wishes come true and God’s love wash over you this new year.
  • May God’s blessings be yours this Christmas.
  • May your Christmas be blessed with lots of love, fun, peace, joy and happiness.
  • May you be happy and blessed, not just on Christmas day but throughout the year!
  • May God’s love surround you at Christmas time and always.
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COVID-Friendly Christmas Greetings

  • All I want for Christmas is you (and the removal of travel restrictions).
  • There’s no place like home for Christmas. Wish we were there!
  • We’ll have a blue Christmas without you.
  • Merry Christmas from our couch.
  • Merry unprecedented Christmas!
  • I’m dreaming of a better Christmas.
  • Ok, seriously. 2023 will be our year.
  • New year? Yes, please!
  • Sending socially distanced wishes!
  • Merry Christmas(k)
  • Best wishes from our quarantine bubble to yours
  • You’re essential to us, but especially this year.

Finally, how to sign off your Christmas card greeting.

There are two ways to sign off your Christmas card greeting. You can use the plural version of your last name, e.g. The O’Connors, or you can use a singular version of your surname plus the word “family”, e.g. The O’Connor Family.

If you choose to go with “the …… Family” version, you’re done. Just put your surname before the word “Family”.

If you’d like to make your surname plural, see our handy graphic below.

How to pluralise your surname in greeting card messages.

Most surnames, simply adding an s to the end makes them plural, even if they end in constonants like the Constantino family. However, for names that end in -ch, -s, -sh, -x and -z, you need to add -es to make them plural. All rules have an exception, and in this case, if your surname ends in -ch but is pronounced with a hard /k/ sound, like in the surname Monarch or Bohmbach, add only an -s, not an -es.

That’s it. Just add “the” in front of your pluralised surname and your Christmas signature is complete.

**Remember – never use an apostrophe to make your surname plural **

We hope you found something warm + wonderful to use in your Christmas cards this year. When in doubt, keep it short and sweet. Also, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your children in the process. The younger ones can always add a fun doodle to the card and the older ones can help you address and seal the envelopes. 

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