Send Your Thank You Cards in Style!

We recently surveyed 1,000 to get the pulse on Christmas spending habits, gift giving etiquette and thank you card traditions. Keep reading because we’ll be sharing some of the results, our favourite thank you cards and a few top tips…

Send your Thank You Cards in style!

We’re championing the thank you cards along with the 25% of people who think that thank you notes aren’t outdated! Being in the business of personalised gifts and cards, we’re big fans of sending thank you notes after receiving gifts. Make sure you stay on the nice list for next year and create thoughtful thank you cards! To make your ‘Thank you’s’ super simple we’re sharing some of our top tips and favourite designs. We’re certain friends and family will appreciate the personalised heartfelt thanks.

Design 1Forest Party Thank You

Send your Thank You Cards in style!

Make sending thank you notes easy for the kids with fill-in-the-blank cards.

Design 2. Watercolour Thanks 

Send your Thank You Cards in style!

These fun and colourful notecards will help your friends and family start the new year the b-right way!

Design 3. Full-Photo Notecards

Send your Thank You Cards in style!

Opt for kids art instead of a family photo, they’ll be proud as punch to see their masterpiece adorning the front of the thank you cards.

Design 4. Snowy Thank You

Send your Thank You Cards in style!
Send your Thank You Cards in style!

Fill your thank you cards with your favourite photos from the festive period, as well as a line or two of thanks.

Design 5. Snowflake Thank You

Keep things simple, nothing beats a family photo on the front of personalised card!

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